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Jewelry Owner Appraisal Services

Diamond ring - insurance replacement appraisal

Insurance Replacement Appraisal

An insurance replacement appraisal establishes the cost of replacement in case of loss, theft or damage. Important in such an appraisal is an accurate, detailed description as insurance companies insure the jewelry items, not their value. The monetary value is used to determine one’s premium.

Estate appraisals

Estate Appraisal

An estate appraisal is utilized in the administration of the estate of a deceased individual to establish payment of the inheritance tax or for fair division of the estate property among the estate heirs. The estate appraisal is always based on the Fair Market Value as defined by Treasury Regulations.

Donation appraisals

Donation Appraisal

When donating jewelry to a charity, educational institution, museum, and other public institution, the donor may be entitled to a tax deduction. An appraisal is required if the value of the item or similar group of items exceeds $5,000. For donations over $5K, the IRS Form 8283 must be completed (section B, part I and III will require the input/signature of an appraiser) which we are happy to provide.

Thief - Casualty loss appraisals

Casualty Loss Appraisal

A casualty loss appraisal is used for items stolen or broken in a casualty situation. The IRS will allow an income tax deduction for lost items that are not covered by insurance, based on documentation which established value for the lost possessions. This value is based on the original cost or the current market price, whichever is lower.

Divorce settlement appraisals

Divorce Settlement Appraisal

A divorce settlement appraisal is used in the administration of the common estate and establishes the fair market value of items purchased as communal property to allow for the equitable distribution of the estate during the divorce proceedings.

Antique or vintage appraisals

Antique or Vintage Appraisal

An antique appraisal is used for establishing the estimated insurance replacement value of jewelry with an age of 100 years or more, whereas a vintage appraisal is for items with an age of less than 100 years, but yet not of recent/current styles.

Hypothetical appraisals

Hypothetical Appraisal

A hypothetical appraisal is one in which the item being appraised is no longer available due to loss or destruction. The value is normally based on a previous appraisal, on the verbal description of the item by the owner, or a photograph.

Customs report

Customs Report

Although not an appraisal, the purpose of this type of report is to document that the item in question was in your possessions before you left the country, thereby eliminating any confrontation with the US Customs regarding payment of duty for importing the item.

Broken ring - Damage report

Damage Report

This report is used to calculate the difference in value between the item of jewelry or the gemstone as damaged and the item in its origin

Qualitative report

Qualitative Report

A qualitative report does not contain a dollar value. It is used to establish or reconfirm the identity and quality of gemstones and precious metals. It is also frequently referred to as a gem identification report.

Escrow services

Escrow Services

We can act as an independent third party in the purchase of an item of jewelry or a loose gemstone that you are purchasing off of the internet or from another individual, thus allowing you to view the item before purchasing. Additionally, we can provide any appraisal or consultation service you need at the same time.

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