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Insurance replacement appraisal

Insurance Replacement Appraisal

As an independent jewelry appraiser, I don’t do any jewelry or watch repair, nor do I engage in insurance replacement services. After working in retail jewelry for some 12 years, I don’t have the desire to do that any more. What I can do for you and your client is provide a fully considered, unbiased appraisal of jewelry.

Litigation support

Litigation Support

Having previously been accepted as an expert witness in King, Kitsap and Pierce counties, we are able to provide litigation support to you and your client on any issue that may arise in our area of specialization – gemstones and jewelry items. In addition to reviewing the disputed reports of other jewelry appraisers, we can help you prepare your pleadings, discovery documents, interrogations and admission requests.



As a graduate gemologist who tries to stay abreast of gemological issues as they arise, I am very happy to share the knowledge that I have, as knowledge that is not shared within the industry may as well not exist. If I can provide you and your staff with a short seminar, let me know. If you or your staff has a question, please feel free to call me.

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